Approximate study time: 2 Minutes

>Release date: 1 July 2020

When the pandemic started all the businesses collaped down , but the one did not was that of Portugal Toruism. They did consider the pandemic as an opportunity to establish portugal more into the mind of its lovers . they tried to keep Portugal as a destination to plan to go through a series of beautiful and magnificant video clips . 

Based on this senario , they stated that for the health issue of you and your family it would be better to saty at home and stop traveling which the clip was focusing on the attactions of Portugal . 

Then in the middle of the pandemic period , they created a unique clip which was trying to keep the travelers focus on Portugal . this time they said READ PORTUGAL instead of VISIT PORTUGAL . 

and then at the final stage of the series they just invited the people to start traveling by playiong with the works like LOOK which was changing into BOOK . The videos are all available on our youtube channel . Please have a look at them and let us know what you think . Dont you think they did an amazing job !!!

Author: Ebrahim Zahedi