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>Release date: 1 August 2020

The Farmhouse

"Quinta de Mata Mouros" takes us back through more than a thousand years of captivating legends and well documented stories. This oasis of fresh water springs, fertile land and luxuriant vegetation in a naturally dry area is situated on the left bank of the river Arade in southern Portugal, near the mythical Xelb, one of the wealthiest cities of Al-Andalus, now Silves.

History and legends are in the "Quinta de Mata Mouros" name, which may have a variety of origins, including the fact that frontlines troops ere stationed here during Chritian reconquest, "mate-mor" , or ther was wood (mata in Portuguese) belonging to the Moors.

Old documnets show that the name of the place used to be spelt "Matta de Mouros". The Convent of our Lady of Paradise was built there in the 12th century after Silves was conquered. It survived until the 19th cdntury and is its main building still remains standing there today.

The Wines

More recently, the owners of "Quinta de Mata Mouros" took the challeng of producing high-quality wine good enough to measure up to the best wines from the main wine growing regions in Portugal.

in January 2012, with the objective of developing Quinta de Mata Mouros wine farming potential the "Convento do Paraiso" project began through the partnership between the Pereira Coutinho family (owner of Quinta de Mata-Mouros) and the Soares family.

the 12 hectare vineyard, planted 2000 along with itsmodern cellar are under responsibility of Herdade da Malhadinha Nova's wine farming and enology teams.


The traditional winery is the result of a compromise between the old, original building amd the introduction of the most sophisticated winemaking processes, combining the traditional treading vat with high-tech equipment.

The result of this investment in this area and a unique climate backed by knowledge, people and technology takes from in production of wines of the highest quality.


Author: Setareh Zahedi