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>Release date: 1 August 2020


This is one of the most romantic beaches in the western Algarve. It is made up of little coves of sand, seperated from one another by rock formations that have been deeply sculpted by the action of fresh and salt water. The result is a magnificant series of arches, ledges, chasms and caves, where you can even find vows of love written on the walls. However, you should be very careful exploring the nooks and cannies on this beach as rockfalls are common.

Below the tide line, the rocy coves are home to an incredible diversity of marine lide, as enthusiastically described by divers who say this is one of the best places for their sport.

This is one of the most intimate and peaceful beaches in the reguin and is perfect for those who like to stay away from the crowds.


Our Suggestion: On the chicest beach in Portimao, don't miss the chance to try out a short but exciting ride in the lift of the Canico restaurant, which goes right inside the cliff !


Praia dos Careanos 

This is a uniquely beautiful beach due to the colors of the sand, the sea and the rock formations.

Adjacent to Vau, Careanos beach is part of the stretvh pf coast leading up to praia da Rocha that includes Careanos and Tres Castelos.The beaches are joined together by a continuous line of imposing cliffs that color the landscape with their fiery tones of ochre and red, dotted by lighter hues that indicate rocks with an abundunce of marine fossils.

Access to the sand at Careanos Beach is via a steep stairway.


Our Suggestion: Venture down the steep steps from the road and don't miss the opportunity to have a look at the different  caves and rocky formations that you will find on the beach. The late afternoons are fantastic!!!


Praia dos Tres Castelos

Access to the beach is via the stairway down from the Tres Castelos viewpoint. Before going down, pause to admire the splendid vew over the sculpted rock formation. You will be able to spot archs, caves and platforms that are greatly apprecated by birds such as falcons, various types of gulls, including black-headed gulls, rock pigeons and swifts.

On the gentler slopes of the cliffs you will see plants such asmastic, ice plant and saltbush. Warm colors abound at this extensive , idyllic and almost deserted beach.


Our Suggestion: From the Tres Castelos viewpoint, you can enjoy a Panaromic view over the long beach and choose the best place to sir. When the swell is right, you can surf at the beach, close to the breakwater or at the warmest end, near the viewpoint.  


Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha is one of the Algarve's most emblematic beaches.

This vast expanse of sand stretches for over a kilometer and is sheltered by warm-colored cliffs. More and more visitors are choosing Rocha as their summer holiday destination and is one of the best-known beaches in Portugal. 

Stroll along the wide wooden walkways that run along the sands. Alongside them, you will find an array of bars and restaurants, and even an area set aside for beach sports.

Along the seafront avenue as far as Portimao Marina, you will find an extensive choice of accommodation, restaurants and bars, many with open-air seating, discos and a casino. 

You will be pleasantly surprised by the fabulous panoramic view over the coast that can be enjoyed from one of Rocha's two viewpoints.


Our Suggestion: At night, the bars and outdoor sitting area are full of life and you can listen to great music and have a drink with your feet in the sand!!!


Praia de Alvor

Alvor Beach is one of the hallmarks of the region.

In addition to the Blue Flag, it has also been distinguished with the Gold Quality Award. These awards attest to the environmental quality of the beach's water and infrastructure.

the vast expanse of sand is another of the charms of this beach located to the east of Alvor Estuary.

Alvor's sand bars create an inshore lagoon with marshy areas and channels of calm waters. The resulting habitat is sanctuary for many species of resident or visiting water birds, and for an array of fish and molluscs.


Our Suggestion: Walking on the boardwalk trail along the Alvor beach is an unparalled experience spacially at sunset and when there is high tide. Don't forget to take your camera! there are a lot  to see and experience. 

Author: Setareh Zahedi