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>Release date: 13 November 2020

Coffee culture at VILA VITA Parc has reached new echelons of exclusivity with the arrival of some of the most sought-after and expensive specialty coffees in the world. Four varieties from the British-based Difference Coffee Company's elite collection of 100% Special Grade Arabicas can currently be sniffed and sipped in Cafe Bica and the resort's Ocean and Mizu-Teppanyaki restaurants. "Exquisite" Jamaica Blue Mountain, "coveted" Geisha (Panama), 'prized" Wild Kopi Luwak (Indonesia) and "competition-winning" Kona (Hawaii) are delighting coffee drinkers from the casually curious to aficionados. Around 70% of the world's coffee comes from the Coffee Arabica species, a descendant of the first coffee trees discovered in Ethiopia. Difference's mission is to make the rarest, most highly graded Arabica coffees in the world available to high-end restaurants and discerning clients, which they can also enjoy at home with Nespresso system compatible capsules. Meticulously sourced from farm to cup, and graded following rigorous Specialty Coffee Association rules, Difference coffees can also be found in some of the most prestigious hotels and private clubs from Europe to Asia. Limited in supply (between 12kg and 240kg per coffee a year), it is exclusively sold online to members of the Difference Coffee Club. For VILA VITA Parc bar manager Joaquim Veras, Difference's presence at the resort is a natural progression: "As a luxury destination, we are consistently looking for unique products, and we always want to exceed expectations and get premium brands: that's our philosophy," he says, passionately. "With the Difference Coffee Company we are looking, quite simply, at the best coffee in the world. It is only available in a few select places and they came to us ... they chose us. But, as the bar manager explains, it is not just the coffee that draws people to Cafe Bica: "Our guests know what they want and already expect our top selections. It's also about the quality of service, our know-how, and especially the passion with which we do things. We have two highly trained baristas who are the image of this space: after all, they are the ones who make the coffee! We also have top-class machines and filters to extract the very best from the beans." Guests from all corners of the world enjoy Cafe Bica's drink and snack menu that is constantly evolving. "Milk is a good example," says Joaquim. "We have cow, goat, almond, soy and now even coconut milk. People are concerned about their health, so we get products that meet their needs." Putting coffee under the spotlight, Cafe Bica also serves coffee cocktails such as Espresso Martini and the refreshingly smooth Barista Cold Brew, based on an ancient Japanese method of steeping coffee grounds in cold water. This year will witness more on-trend novelties, including VILA VITA original brand bottles of cold brew tonic water, and bubbly nitro coffee (cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen), both ideal on a hot day. "This is a toy store for coffee lovers," states Joaquim. "And we are a fantastic ambassador in Portugal for this coffee brand." Rooted in tradition, while responding to innovation and new trends, VILA VITA Parc has earned recognition for its coffee culture and mastery.

Author: Vila Vita