Alentejo The Treasure of Portugal

he magnificant Alentejo is located in between the center and the south of Portugal between the TAGUS River (TEJO) and the Algarve. It is berdered with Spain from the east and Atlantic Ocean from the west. Alentejo has a low population density of 500,000 inhabitants living in essentially virgin rural areas worth visiting several times to recharge our mind in the peace and the beauties of its nature.

The Alentejo's history dates back to thousands of years. Though few traces from the prehistory still exist in the area, the numerous concentration of Neolithic dolmens and menhirs has made Alentejo as one the best places in Europe to walk through 3000 year-old stonehenges.


The Alentejo has a lot of outdoor activities to offer in its unspoiled landscapes of olive trees, cork oaks, vineyards, sunflower fields,... At the same time, its magnificant beaches and stunning lakes gives you the opportunity to try unforgettable sea activities. Meanwhile, the inland wild mountains and flat plains of Alentejo bring you a unique and diverse variety of wildlife full of adventures to experiences.


In the Alentejo, like the other parts of Portugal you can eat and drink very well. Eating and drinking are considered as ways of socilaizing. The dining table is always set in Alentejo. Entertaining, socliazing and ceberation is always associated with eating and drinking in Alentejo. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants offering fresh and authentic food and drink that you cannot find it anywhere else in Portugal . It is truly unique. 

Alentejo is the open air treasure of Portugal with a lot to visit, Try not to miss any part of it  and don't hesitate, just let us know about your travel dates, we will set up everything for you and your clients in a very personalized itinerary, no matter it is a group or an FIT tour.