Do you know what MICE is?
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Do you know what MICE is?
نمایشگاه BTL 2022


Tour duration: 8 Days
Tour Date: 2 March 2022
Tour Type: MICE
Destinations: Lisbon
Tour Code: L0321L


Lisbon Lisbon International Tourism Fair 2022


Day 1

 Arrival to Lisbon : Meet and greet your transfer from the airport to the Hotel. Check in the hotel and have rest of the day at leisure.

Day 2

Bom Apetite Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel with Portuguese hospitality, then meet and greet your transfer to the exhibition venue.

Tomorrow is the inauguration day of the BTL exhibition, so in case your stand is in short of anything, just let us know about it, we will manage all the required equipment and arrangements in order for your exhibition to be the most fruitful one for you .

On the way back, your transfer is ready to get you to the hotel.

Day 3

Good morning , today is the first day of the exhibition. have your full breakfast at the hotel and then your transfer will take you to the exhibition ground.

Today, you will be visiting a lot of old friends in the industry and you may want to plan something in the days ahead . So just let us know what your plans are. we will arrange the right place for you and your partners to enjoy a great night and a fabulous food.

Day 4

Bom Dia Lisboa. Lisbon is a vibrant city and it is very beautiful specially in the morning when the sun rises. If you could wake up early in the morning, then a short jogging along the Tagus river would make your day.


Then, have your breakfast and get your transfer to the exhibition venue. the first three days of the exhibition is just for the professionals and on the 4th and the 5th, the public will be visiting the exhibition. 

We wish you a great day with a lot of good business contacts.

at the end of the day, your transfer is ready to take you to the hotel.

Day 5

Portuguese hospitality awaits you at the hotel restaurant. Sip in your coffee and then take your transfer and head to the exhibition. As per the previous arrangement, today in the evening you will be having a meeting with your key contacts. We have already arranged one of the best easy-to-access venue for you and your guests. And in order to make it a true Portuguese experience, a Fado group has been arranged to play this traditional Portuguese music. The Portuguese cuisine along with the Fado music and the great spirit of Porto (Port Wine) will make the evening a great success in establishing and reinforcing the business with your partners. 

Your transfer is ready to get you back to the hotel at the end of the meeting. 

Day 6

 Bom Dia Lisboa. This is the 4th day of exhibition but you have not had a chance to make a visit to the city so far. Great, today and tomorrow are the public days and the exhibition starts at 12.00. So we have plenty of time to explore the essence of Lisbon with a local guide who will be trying to get you engaged with the locals and the best part of the city. If you have been to Lisbon before, so we do suggest you to take a wine tasting tour where you will be visiting one the most famous wineries in the Lisbon area and have a great local experience with the locals learning about their stories and lifestyles while listening to their folklore music and dancing with them. Then, get your transfer and head to the exhibition. At the end of the day, your transfer will take you to the hotel .

Day 7

Ola, Another day in Paradise just started. Have your full breakfast early in the morning. As today is the last day of the exhibition and the venue will be open at 12.00, then again, we will have enough time to take you to Sintra and Cascais, the best highlight of Lisbon.

You local guide will take you deep into the history of Lisbon and let you know about the culture of his ancestors in Penha Palace in Sintra.

On the way back, you will be visiting the beautiful village of Cascais and will have a coffee and ,of course, Pasteis de Nata (a kinf of pastry similar to egg tart but very delicious) in one of the old cafe where the owner would let you know about the cafe and the culture behind Bica (the most popular type of coffee served in all the cafes throughout Portugal).

Then you will be taken to the exhibition ground for the last day of the exhibition. Your transfer is ready to get you back to the hotel at the end of the day and in case you need anybody to help you with dismantling your stand, you can count on us.

Day 8

Sip in your coffee at breakfast while reviewing your unforgettable memories of Lisbon and go over the postcard shots you have taken through your own eyes.

Get prepared to farewell the charming Lisbon where you cannot skip it anymore. Check out from the hotel and transfer for the airport.

Visa documents Lisbon

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